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2005-05-06 - 6:06 p.m.

Hello, hello, hello. I thought for sure I would open up diaryland and find that my stuff had been taken out with the trash, seeing as it's been about six months since I last updated. Apparently not - so you all get to hear a bit of ramblin' today.
Baby update - all of the paperwork is done for now, and should everything go as planned - hah! - then it should be sent to China within the next three weeks and then we wait. Hopefully by this time next year we'll have spent a few months with our daughter. It's weird, thinking she is already out there; I can hardly wait to meet her! I keep saying "her", by the way, because it's about a 99.999999% chance we will get a girl.
Now that things are starting to happen, I feel so much better about loving up kids. It is awkward to wish it were you with a baby and you know it isn't going to be, but now it is and I am so secretly excited all the time - I'm probably just nuts and don't know it yet - hehe - oh, well, as long as I'm in the dark, I'll just keep enjoying myself.
On the work front - I think I'll buy a clinic. Who knew? I said I never, ever, ever (have I said ever enough times?) buy because I'd have to do the ownership hassle stuff, but I think it will work out well. Frankly, I think I am getting tired of being an employee. Sure, I know it will be a whole new set of headaches, but at least it will be MY set of headaches and problems, and I'll have a little more say-so on how they are resolved. When I am slow on production, it will be me feeling guilty that I can't pay for my kids' education, not that I can't pay for my boss' new addition.
On the home front, my family is doing well - I just got to see my niece this weekend - damn, she's cute!
On my own home front, I noticed the chives are growing like crazy, as is the rhubarb, although the other herbs are still a bit chilly. With the seventy degree weather the last couple of days, though, that should all change and I, for one, am looking forward to it! I think I'll make my husband go with me tomorrow to look for mushrooms - if he won't, he'll just have to sit at home by himself while I have all the fun!
Ok, that's it for now. I am pretty happy with life in general at the moment so it seemed like a good time to do a little catchup - hmm...that makes me think french fries would be very, very tasty right now. Unfortunately, South Beach has outlawed them. So I'll eat some turkey jerky instead - mmmm....yeah, right.
Until later.


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