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2005-05-08 - 9:17 a.m.

Yesterday was a fun day, for the most part. Even though the weather was a little cloudy and rainy in the morning, I still got out to a great little greenhouse to see my friend's jewelry (and if it wouldn't make me too guilty - as in, I need to make my own, not spend money on new - I would have bought some very cute items). The greenhouse is a beautiful little place. I got my tomatoes and a new planter.
After that I went for a long long walk, looking for mushrooms. I found exactly one but will supplement and tonight we'll be having some mushroom omelettes. Tomorrow night I think we'll have shrimp and asparagus with morel sauce (and hearty grain toast points to dip in it). Sound familiar - yep, we ate that last year (or was it two years ago - I forget as I seem to be aging more quickly than I thought I would).
Today we are off to see the in-laws. We are meeting at the Yummy Buffet (yes, that really is it's name) for some Chinese food for Mother's Day. Then who-knows-what. Maybe go to a movie, maybe go for a walk, depends on what my hubby is up to. He's a little sore from yardwork yesterday so he may just be moping around the house (drives me nuts :).
Until later.


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